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Hello from Brian Nash


In an effort to simplify my life, consolidate my interests, and lessen my environmental impact, my family and I moved to Haliburton where we designed and built a home entirely off grid. I believe in and exemplify sustainable, self-reliant, living. My passion and knowledge has led to the creation of Haliburton Solar and Wind. A company that offers full service battery based off grid and hybrid grid tied systems, using solar, wind and water power.

My team focused, and collaborative approach, helps establish sound partnerships and relationships within the communities that I work. Believing in the benefits that increased community resilience can provide, I look to serve my community by volunteering for community organizations that have a direct impact on the betterment of the local population. ( more about Brian Nash here )


Hello from Michelle Moraal


After spending all of my summers at my family cottage on Gull Lake, I decided that it was time to make a change and move up to the area that made me most content. I have lived full time up here for almost four years, and have established roots in both Haliburton and Kennisis Lake.

Prior to moving to Haliburton and working as Chief Administrator at Haliburton Solar and Wind, I graduated Wilfrid Laurier University with Duo Honours in Criminology and Health Studies, and then worked abroad for 2 years working in Australia and South Korea. From abroad, I have experience in workshop facilitation, and this has led to my collaboration with a variety of renewable industry leaders to bring events and workshops to our new demonstration centre.

My daily roles at the office are fluid, so I keep up to date on legislative changes in renewable energy and expand on this with constant research in our field to better assist our customers. I keep up to date on WHIMIS training, and Worker Health and Safety to ensure that all of our staff is aware and following proper procedures and protocols.

My role at Haliburton Solar and Wind is a fluid one, and I enjoy working with our customers as well as suppliers to implement solutions to their energy needs.

Hello from Jon English


I am local to Haliburton Highlands, and have lived here my whole life. I am committed to my community, and engaged in a variety of organizations.

I started installing solar and wind jobs in 2009, and immediately found a passion for it. I have worked with Haliburton Solar and Wind as head of projects on a variety of installs from Net Metering, Off Grid and Grid Zero.

As part of my commitment to stay current with the ever changing technical aspects of my industry, I have completed and earned certificates in highly regarded courses such as PV101 offered by Solar Energy International, as well as Solar PV Design and Installation from Canadian Solar Institute.

As I work directly on the job site, I have my Commercial Vehicle Operator and Defensive Driving Course with my AZ License, Certificate of Dangerous Goods Training, Working At Heights, Ladders Training, Canadian Red Cross First Responder & CPR/AED Level HCP, and Apparatus Maintenance.


Hello from David Baillie


My quest into energy self sufficiency started when My Wife and I built our off grid home in 2004.  At first we struggled and cobbled together a bare bones system. It worked but we slowly upgraded with more modern components to meet our needs as they evolved.  Our system has recently morphed into a hybrid on grid/off grid system to meet the challenge of young children. These experiences allow me to design a system tailored to your lifestyle and help you skip the pitfalls. For legacy systems I can recommend the right upgrades having lived through them.  Offgrid, grid connected, hybrid, DIY or totally hands off; the modern equipment allows us to build a system that matches your personal level of involvement.

I have been in the construction industry for 18 years. A journeyman carpenter with a passion for efficient building and energy self sufficiency, my lifelong interest in electronics and solar help with the technical end of your system's design.


Hello from Carolina Barberi


I have been a project manager for almost 20 years and have picked up many niche skills and experiences along the way.  I have worked on both small and million dollar projects, one off and multi-location national ones.  I have worked with various trades (general contractors, designers, architects, engineers) and several governing bodies (by-law, permits, regulatory reviews) which all come together to provide the very solid background required to get things done.  I have a general overview of Haliburton Solar and Wind projects, however, my attention is focused on working through process and procedures for various regulatory bodies such as utility companies, government agencies, incentives and green energy programs.



Hello from Joetta Barber


With over 25 years in accounting I manage Brian's group of companies from A/R to A/P, the GL, monthly trial balances, cashflow, investments, year ends and tax planning.