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demonstration centre events
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demonstration centre events


Haliburton Solar and Wind is a premier Canadian renewable energy business which specializes in advanced off grid and hybrid grid tied battery based power systems.  The firm is recognized across North America for their work in complex multi generation input system design and implementation for homes businesses and communities.

The opening of our Off Grid Demonstration Centre located on the property of Abbey Gardens in Haliburton Ontario is the first of its kind in Canada.  The centers focus is to create awareness of energy options that create energy independence for homes, businesses and entire communities through a vast variety of workshops hosted by industry leaders.

The centre itself is powered by solar and wind utilizing a state of the art battery bank for energy storage.  The power system itself is manufactured by industry leader Outback Power. The Centre has individual learning stations that visitors can spend time at centred on Inverter technology, Charge Controllers, Storage Solutions, Solar, Wind and Water Power. An audio visual presentation area serves the informative workshops. 

The Centre hosts a ½ acre outdoor alternative energy park with pathways that wind you through installed solar and wind with informative park stations that feature information podiums explaining the Photovoltaic effect, Solar irradiation, Wind Power, off grid independence, Ontario’s Smart Grid, and Independent Community Grids.

Events will be promoted through Social Media and Local Papers and Haliburton Solar and Winds website.

For more information call 705-455-2637 and ask for the Events Coordinator Michelle Moraal.

*all events will be located at Haliburton Solar and Wind’s building located at 1067 Garden Gate Drive, Haliburton ON K0M 1S0