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your power. your needs.
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We design supply and install projects that relate to mitigating or eliminating your reliance on the Grid. These include Off Grid, Grid Zero and Net Metering projects. Grid reduction/elimination requires a great deal of thought and consideration all of which translates into a design that meets your goals. Working with you to understand your energy habits we:

  • Introduce conservation measures, heating, lighting and accessory alternatives, to best determine your load requirements.
  • Complete a comprehensive site evaluation that includes a detailed assessment of your site and generation (solar, wind, water power) location alternatives. We measure solar access, shade, flow data, wind speeds, and assemble conservative production estimates associated with your particular system that will meet your load requirements year round.
  • Based on how hands on our customers want to be with their energy system we spec and price equipment from our best of breed equipment manufacturers. In addition we show optional equipment choices from other manufacturers at varying price points and show performance, functionality and warranty comparatives.
  • As a top discount purchaser from Canada’s largest renewable energy distributor we supply equipment in a complete and comprehensive manner that is documented and warrantied.
  • Install fully insured, with Electrical Safety Authority approval.