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what is gridzero?


inter solar award winner 2015Outback Case StudyGridZero is designed to optimize the use of renewably generated energy, battery storage and utility power to eliminate solar variability on the grid and power the majority of loads on the premises throughout the course of a 24 hour period, while using utility power at key moments to allow the system the abiity to operate loads that would otherwise overload or overwhelm the system.




GridZero Benefits:

As a part of the advance programming the Grid/Hybrid performance of the Radian inverter line, GridZero is the newest of the seven AC Input Mode selections available on the Radian inverter/charger. GridZero helps a PV/solar or other renewable system owner maximize the portion of their energy consumption met by the renewable source, while minimizing the portion purchased from the utility by fully utilizing energy stroage. Specifically, this mode:

  • Puts the battery and renewable energy to the most effective use while minimizing dependence on the grid and without requiring a sell-back of power to the utility grid to achieve good system economics. GridZero mode allow a PV system to maximize the contribution of renewable energy to the home's energy consumption, while eliminating the effect of solar variablitly to the utility grid.
  • Allows a smaller inverter and battery system to perform like a much larger one, by seamlessly blending in utility power to support surges or load spikes, lowering the cost-of-entry to grid-interactive solar.
  • The inverter/charger remains connected and synchronized to the utility grid in case the grid is needed. If large loads require the use of grid power, no destabilizing transfer is required - the process is seamless.
  • Simple programming with only two setpoint adjustments needed to determine the rate, priority  and amount of energy to use.

How it Operates:

In GridZero mode, the Radian inverter powers the home's loads primarily from the battery (and renewable) energy while remaining connected to an AC source. Using the DC sources, the inverter attempts to decrease the use of the AC source to zero. The inverter only draws on the AC source when loads to the battey exceed the preselected values.