your power. your needs. your choice.
your power. your needs.
your choice.
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why choose off grid?

Off-Grid Freedom

Off-Grid means that you are able to produce your own renewable energy to cover your unique needs and establish complete freedom and independence from local distribution companies!

 What does this mean?  It means:

  • No more hydro bills.
  • No more grid blackouts.
  • No more concern about rising energy costs.

Today, off grid living does not automatically mean hunt camp or controlled living conditions.  Now, it is able to include all the luxuries and amenities of modern day living.  Washers or dryers, pools or hot tubs, even air conditioning units, it’s all possible.

To facilitate self-sustainable clean energy living, an in-depth analysis is undertaken to determine your current power requirements, as well as what the future may bring.  It is very important that this analysis be conducted accurately since a mistake may lead to the under or over sizing of the system.

If you have any questions, simply contact us.  Our President and CEO, Brian Nash, designed his own system and has been living comfortably off the grid, with his family, for the past six (6) years!

We hope you enjoy the following testimonial video of an Off Grid Island Installation.