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site assessments

Comprehensive alternative energy assessments are a critical component when considering a spend on solar, wind or hydro.  The site has to be examined carefully for the best opportunities to create energy from either wind, solar or hydro.  We measure solar access, consult wind metrics from wind data sites to your GPS coordinates, and look for running water and elevation change. We take site assessments seriously, using a number of best in class tools to get us the information we need.

Basic Site Assessment

$290.00 + HST.  We determine and document the best locations for solar, wind or water power generation.  We measure and quantify sun data and solar access extracting seasonal daily sun hours to calculate production and size the array, and/or turbine(s)  to suit expected consumption from your load analysis.  We identify the power room rationalizing the system components and where they will go.  We measure wire runs, roof space, find true south, and complete a shade analysis.

Custom Site Assessments

Typically our work in this area is for large spends where accuracy is important and opportunity is clearly outlined for a variety of alternatives. Preliminary project engineering, financial metrics and equipment outlines are all a part of that process.  These details are able to be assembled following a thorough analysis of the site that includes grid connection, energy losses due to a number of factors and a review of consumption wherein the project size is determined to specifically offset the consumption. For a summary of what our most detailed site assessment includes refer to the below attachment - "Renewable Energy Methodology".  These site assessments are costed on a project by project basis. Call us for details.