Building a New Home? It’s the Perfect Time to Explore Renewable Energy.

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Are you getting ready to build your dream home in Ontario? Or maybe it’s finally time to build your lakeside cottage in Haliburton Highlands? If you’re about to embark on developing a new build, consider outfitting your home with renewable energy. Say goodbye to inconsistent energy bills, and hello to the total energy security that renewable energy provides.

Haliburton Solar and Wind delivers thoughtful and effective solutions to complex and diverse energy requirements, without compromising on sensible design, energy security, and reliability. Our design, technical, purchasing, and installation departments work seamlessly with you and your associated professionals to bring you total energy independence.

If you are looking at building your dream home that incorporates total energy security at Net Zero then you should speak with us.  We work with your engineers, architects and builders to provide the best high performance energy system possible.

Working with teams is where we excel – working collaboratively to complete the most challenging of projects. Haliburton Solar and Wind is the recipient of the North America Intersolar Award that recognizes landmark projects that exemplify a high degree of technological innovation, uniqueness, economic feasibility and benefit to the environment and society.   

Our Goals

  1. To establish an orderly and cost efficient process.
  2. To ensure the system design meets lifestyle expectations and high reliability performance standards.
  3. To ensure the renewable energy system is commissioned and supported in consultation with the customer and their expectations.

Whether you want to go totally off-grid, use the hybrid programming of GridZero, or want to request a feasibility study of your project, Haliburton Solar and Wind is here to help.

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