Keen on Energy Independence? Your first step is a Feasibility Study and here’s why

Curious about going off-grid? Ready to start a new build powered by renewable energy? Haliburton Solar and Wind is here to provide you with a premium product and end-to-end support.

The first step in outfitting your new build with an off-grid or GridZero energy system is to conduct a feasibility study: it sounds daunting, but we’re the experts and are here to help. Our assessment will help you to identify the optimum means of electrical generation on your property, and soon you’ll be on your way to energy independence.

Comprehensive alternative energy assessments are a critical component when considering a spend on solar, wind  or hydro. We’ll examine the site of your new build to determine the what the best opportunities are for you to generate your own power.

Our feasibility studies measure solar access, consult wind metrics from wind data sites to your GPS coordinates, and look for running water and elevation change. At Haliburton Solar and Wind, we take site assessments seriously, and use best in class tools to get us the information we need to make your dreams of energy independence a reality.

Ready to get started? Come visit us at Canada’s first Off-Grid Demo Centre located in beautiful Haliburton, Ontario.

Tel: 705.455.2637

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