GreenOn Rebates Program offers huge rebates to home and business owners in Ontario

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Great news! Ontario families can now access rebates to complete low-carbon, energy-efficient renovations to their homes and business through a new program from the Green Ontario Fund – GreenON.

Parminder Sandhu, Chair of the Board of Directors, of the Green Ontario Fund says;

“Now, through GreenON Rebates, we are empowering consumers to help fight climate change by reducing energy usage at home. GreenON Rebates enables Ontario homeowners and tenants to access rebates on home renovations that will save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.”

Who will benefit from GreenON rebates program?

The Green Ontario Fund will offer rebates for Solar PV and Energy Storage systems to help Ontario homeowners use renewable electricity and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Choosing an energy-efficient, off-grid, or Net Metered home can be a decision that may repay you for years to come. The benefits may include – financial, environmental, independence, home comfort, resale value and more!

Why Consider Solar PV and Energy Storage for your home?

Save money, and fight climate change. Plus, the more energy-efficient the home, the more homeowners can effectively manage annual energy costs. With new technologies, products and ideas, houses built today can offer great ways to save on energy, water, materials and more.

Did you know?

  • Installing a Solar PV and/or energy system requires careful consideration of the best location for an installation, such as structural or natural features that can affect system performance (e.g. from shading), the orientation of the installation which can affect the efficiency of the system, the age of the roof which can impact your decision on when to install a system, and the integrity of your building’s roof and its ability to carry the weight of a solar system. Haliburton Solar and Wind offers best-in-class comprehensive site assessments to determine what’s right for you.
  • If you are pursuing a net metering system, the value of the system will be directly linked to how much electricity you consume in your home/building. A net metered system saves you money on your electricity bill. It does not direct payments for your electricity generation. Learn more about how Haliburton Solar and Wind can help you with Net Metering

What You Can Get

Get rebates after you install eligible Solar PV, Energy Storage, or Solar Thermal Air systems for your home and business:


The program provides the following incentives*:

  • $1.00 per watt for residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system
  • $370 per kilowatt hour for residential Storage system
  • $1.50 per watt for residential Solar PV + Storage system
  • $3.00 per watt for residential standalone off-grid Solar PV + Storage system


The program provides the following incentives*:

    • $0.75 per watt for commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system
    • approximately $26.00** per square foot for Solar Thermal Air installations

*approval of all Solar PV and storage rebates are subject to your local hydro company’s approval and other required inspections. A residential Solar PV project cannot exceed 10 kW (AC). A commercial Solar PV project cannot exceed 500 kW (AC). Other terms and conditions apply.

**estimated incentive only. Final incentive amount will vary based on collector performance, determined by the Testing Adjustment and Balance report. Total incentive value will not exceed 70% of the total installed system cost.

The program is set to launch in the Summer of 2018. Stay up to date with the latest renewable energy news by  signing up for our newsletter.


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