Leave the Dams to the Beavers

micro hydro electric dams

Microhydro-electric systems are more accessible than you think!

If you have a suitable site, harnessing the hydro-electric energy from a stream or creek can be the most cost-effective way to make renewable electricity.

Compared to the sun and wind’s variability, a stream’s flow is relatively consistent. This consistency makes microhydro-electric system outputs the most predictable of all the renewable energy electrical systems.

Hydro resources are also the most site-specific, since your property must have a usable water source. If you are one of the lucky few with a stream running down your hillside, it’s the resource to assess first!

What does a microhydro-electric system include? 

A microhydro-electric system is more than just a turbine:

microhydro-electric system

Whether you’re interested in going off-grid in Ontario, or you’d like to learn more about whether your land is suitable for a microhydro-electric system, Haliburton Solar & Wind can help you meet your renewable energy goals!

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