Is it illegal to go off-grid?

solar panels off grid cabin

One of the most frequently asked questions about going solar and gaining energy independence is if it’s illegal to go off-grid. The answer is simply no!

It is NOT illegal to go off-grid and live an off-grid lifestyle.

The confusion often stems from issues of terminology. What does it mean to live off-grid? Living off-grid means one is creating their own power through solar, wind, water, or a combination of all three solutions.

Living off-grid does not mean living without any means of power generation, water supply, or septic treatment facilities.

It is illegal to live without electricity, as there are laws and by-laws in all provincial and municipal literature preventing people from living without any means of power generation, as there needs to be sufficient power to run C02 and fire detectors in one’s home.

There is also literature to prevent people from living in trailers on properties without electricity or septic systems that utilize the term “off-grid” in their descriptions, however the use of “off-grid” in this case does not relate to generating their own power sources .

The language can be confusing, but at the end of the day, living off-grid by creating and consuming your own energy is perfectly legal. Haliburton Solar and Wind supports you 100% as you pursue an off-grid lifestyle for your home and family!

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