A Fresh Start to the New Year

January was a busy month for Haliburton Solar and Wind! It seems like the theme is new beginnings in this office!

For starters, our administrator, Michelle Moraal, has returned from maternity leave. She was gone for a year to raise her son, Mason. He is now walking, and is VERY busy! Michelle has had a very busy return with new jobs booking up, and is looking forward to a busy year.

Secondly, Brian Nash has become a grand dad! His daughter, Elli, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Rowan.  Rowan was born on January 4th, 2019 at the Peterborough Hospital weighing 8lbs 12oz.

Haliburton Solar and Wind now has an office puppy! Carolina, our project manager, adopted a puppy and has called her Poppy. Poppy is a labradoodle/shepherd, and is so calm and friendly. She spends her days at the office sleeping under people’s chairs, following you around, and playing with her toys.


With all of the interesting weather that we have experienced in Haliburton, we’ve been able to keep warm and family oriented at the off grid Haliburton office this month!


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