Ontario New Builds

Are you getting ready to build your dream home in Ontario? Or maybe it’s finally time to build your lakeside cottage? If you’re about to embark on developing a new build, consider outfitting your home with renewable energy.

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As an Intersolar Award winner, we’re recognized across North America for our work in complex multi-generation input system design and implementation for homes, businesses and communities.

Are you ready to learn more about your alternative energy options for your new build?

Why Consider Renewable Energy for your New Build?

Using renewable energy to power your home or cottage retreat can reduce or completely eliminate your utility bills. When embarking on a new build, you have the opportunity to build it right from the start, saving yourself thousands of dollars in utility bills over years to come (as well as doing your part to offsetting fossil fuel emissions).

New construction does not need to be expensive to be sensible. We work with your engineers, architects and builders to provide the best high performance energy system possible. The costs to include solar, wind, or water solutions are quickly recouped by energy savings.


Our Goals

  1. To establish an orderly and cost efficient process
  2. To ensure the system design meets lifestyle expectations and high reliability performance standards
  3. To ensure the renewable energy system is commissioned and supported in consultation with your expectations

What we do different

Haliburton Solar and Wind was established in 2013 to provide clear and reliable energy alternatives in Ontario. Energy solutions are complex and your specific needs are considered carefully.

Imagine the different energy needs for a retired couple who has family visit on weekends vs. an active family of four. Where other companies may offer all-in-one or one size fits all solutions, we understand every customer’s needs are different, and will create a custom plan for you. We work your engineers, architects, and builders to provide the best high performance energy system possible for your dream home.

While others may be focused on making a sale, we are driven by a consultative approach that provides complete solutions that work!

Expert Advice

Say goodbye to inconsistent energy bills, and hello to the total energy security that solar, wind, and water have to offer. We work with your engineers, architects, and builders to provide the best high performance energy system possible. Working with teams is where we excel – working collaboratively to complete the most challenging of projects.

solar panel installation off grid ontario

Off-grid, Net Zero, GridZero?

There are many renewable energy options to consider for your new build. We deliver thoughtful and effective solutions to complex and diverse energy requirements without compromising on sensible design, energy security and reliability.  We will work together with you to decide on the best approach for your family and home.

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