Frequently Asked Questions

We're looking to go off grid and have discovered some sites and companies that sell off grid kits with all of the equipment ready to go. Does your firm provide kits?

Haliburton Solar and Wind provides customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your unique needs and power generation potential. Kits simply do not provide homeowners with the level of precision required to supply a solution that meets each individual’s requirements. We believe providing power to your home in accordance with your lifestyle is a very serious matter, which is why our first step is to conduct a load analysis and work together from there.

Do you service off-grid systems that were supplied and installed by other firms?

Power systems are complex and if they are poorly designed and executed, they can present serious issues post-install. Due to this complexity, we will not take on another firm’s or homeowner’s liability. We provide good, informed design that leads to successful off-grid implementation. Equipment pairing, sizing, charge rates, voltage windows and many other metrics are critical to a functioning system that will not disappoint for many years.

If I tell you how big my house is, can Haliburton Solar and Wind tell me how much my Off Grid System will cost?

Rather than using your home’s size to design your off-grid system, we design your unique system based on your daily and seasonal power consumption. We work closely with our customers in completing a comprehensive Load Analysis to learn how energy will be used. We all have different needs based on lifestyle, habits, comfort, and security. Defining your power consumption not only tunes you into how and where you use the electricity, but it enables you to construct a lean, green foundation on which to build your renewable energy system. Without a load analysis, designing a renewable energy system is a shot in the dark. It’s like trying to plan your weekly food shopping trip without knowing how many guests you’ll have and how much they’ll eat.

My hydro bills cost $_____. How much would a system cost to offset my hydro bills, and what is net metering?

We like to see a years’ worth of utility bills so that we can look at electrical uses throughout the different seasons. Our goal when planning your system is to zero out your hydro bills, or come as close as we can to that.

Net Metering System planning is about kilowatt per hour usage, not cost of the bills and delivery costs fluctuations, tiered systems etc.

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Can I make money selling power back to the grid? Is there any incentives in place?

Unfortunately with the termination of the FIT program in 2017, you are no longer able to sell your power to the grid and there are no solar rebates in place. You are, however, able to Net Meter which is a program available through all utility providers in Ontario. Net Metering allows you to decrease your utility bill by the energy that you create, whether it be solar, wind or water!

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I am purchasing a property and am wondering how much it would cost to build an off-grid home. Is it cheaper then what hydro quoted me to get connected to the grid?

Going off-grid is a very consultative process to ensure effective solutions are designed for your home. Every homeowner uses electricity differently, and therefore every home will have a different off-grid system. Unlike a utility company quote, our quotes are unique and custom and are based on your electrical uses, not how far of a setback you are from hydro.

I have an electrician friend, and am interested in purchasing equipment only. Will you sell me equipment and I can install it myself?

A considerable section of our business is the design and sale of equipment for individuals who are able to install themselves. However, with the sale of equipment comes consultation and design. The design and consultation process is critical for equipment sale as this ensures the customer fully understands what they are buying, and we comprehend what their needs are. Also, having a consultative approach with a well thought out design limits install mistakes on our customer’s ends, which in turn will help save money.

We have a new build, and we are considering off-grid as our choice of power. We are nervous that we are going to live in the dark, or have to watch what our electrical usage is. Is it reliable?

Going off-grid ensures that you have reliable, safe and independent energy. With our well thought out energy solutions, you will never have another power outage again. Long gone are the days where you have to turn your lights off while making coffee. Off-grid Systems are built to be just like any house that is connected to the grid minus the power outages!

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