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Off-grid? GridZero? Not sure? We’ll work with you to create your vision with a custom plan to help you reach energy independence.

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Your power. Your needs. Your choice.

Off-grid? GridZero? Not sure? We’ll work with you to create your vision with a custom plan to help you reach energy independence using solar, wind, and water power.

At Haliburton Solar and Wind, you can trust our proactive approach and attention to detail on any alternative energy project. When it comes to your energy needs we provide you with choice, help you make informed decisions, and empower you with the freedom these decisions provide. We’re recognized across North America for our work in complex multi-generation input system design and implementation for homes businesses and communities, including winning the 2015 Intersolar Award. Servicing Haliburton Highlands and Ontario, let’s make your energy dreams a reality.  Learn more about our solutions.

Why work with us?

We value creative solutions, a collaborative approach, and exceptional service. We’re with you every step of the way. Owner Brian Nash exemplifies sustainable, self-reliant living - having designed and built his own off-grid home where he’s lived for 9 years. We are driven by a passion towards independent lifestyles. Our team works clean, safe, and can be trusted to get your alternative energy project done on budget and on time.

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February 12, 2018

Winter Tips for Living Off-Grid

Living off the grid is possible 365 days a year. When snow and freezing temperatures are a factor, a little extra care will help keep you cozy and the lights …

February 1, 2018

Now Hiring – Projects

Position filled! Thank you for your interest. We’re looking for a new member — Projects. Our ideal candidate will be the lead in fulfilling the technical design, pricing, and execution …

January 8, 2018

Welcome Mason!

If you’ve ever been to our office or talked to us on the phone, chances are you’ve met Michelle our Chief Administration Manager. She’s now off until January 2019, but …

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January 27, 2018

Off Grid Solar Workshop

Join Haliburton Solar + Wind to learn what it’s like to live off grid and to build your off grid system for your home. Learn about Load Analysis, Off Grid …

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