Building a new home? Take a look at these 5 informative reasons you should add solar panels to your new construction home.

In just one year, Canada had over 171,000 housing starts. If you’re one of these Canadians, then you’re probably embarking on an exciting milestone of building your own custom house.

When doing so, you’ll want to consider making it as eco-friendly as possible. One great way to do so is to add solar panels to it. That way, you can harvest the energy that’s already being expended on your house.

Are you curious about the benefits of solar panels? Then keep reading. Here are five good reasons for building a solar home.

1. Reduce Your Utility Bills

One of the best and most obvious reasons why you should get solar panels on a building is so you’ll save money in the long run. When you can go off-grid, even partially, you won’t have to pay a company for the energy you use anymore. Instead, you can generate your energy through solar panels.

In many cases, homeowners don’t have to pay a cent to these energy companies anymore. In fact, some can even sell excess energy to these companies and make a profit!

As you can see, while building a solar-powered home can entail some upfront costs, it’s worth it in the long term. Not only can you generate your own energy, but you can even sell the excess. Your solar panels will pay for themselves in no time.

2. It’s an Eco-Friendly Option

For those of you who are eco-conscious, you may be diligent about ways to reduce your carbon footprint. As you can imagine, solar panels are a very eco-friendly option, considering you’re taking and using energy that’s already expended from the sun on a daily basis. It’s also a renewable energy source that’ll never run out.

Not only are you converting wasted energy into something useful, but you’re also taking off some reliance on fossil fuels. These are finite resources, so the more people use alternative energy, the slower the drain on them. In addition, you’ll decrease fossil fuel emissions, which are harmful to both people and the environment.

3. It’s Now Very Affordable

If you’ve considered solar panels in the past, you may have balked at the prices. Around a decade ago, the technology was relatively new, which meant the costs for all the materials and installation were significantly high.

However, in 2016, it was estimated that in 2020, the cost of solar panels would be 90 percent lower than it was in 2010. This means that today, solar panels for new home construction is very accessible for most homeowners.

So if you’ve ever wished to have an eco-friendly home in the past but felt like the associated costs were too expensive for your budget, you can now revisit this concept. There are plenty of solar ideas for your home that definitely won’t break the bank.

4. Improve Your Home’s Value

If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, then building with solar panels is definitely a worthwhile investment. Practically any remodels you make on your property will only increase its value, as you’re making improvements that the next homeowners can enjoy.

When they see that these installations can help them save on utility bills by using green energy, this can be very attractive and a huge selling point. Not only will your home sell for a higher price, but it’ll also stand out against the other properties that are available.

When it comes time to sell your home and find a new one, you’ll have a much easier time. You’ll get to sell it for more, plus it probably won’t stay on the market for long, which allows for a quick sale.

5. They Don’t Require Much Maintenance

When it comes to installing anything on your home, one main concern may be how much maintenance it requires. For most homeowners, they want something that won’t take up their valuable leisure time when relaxing at home during the evenings and weekends.

The good news is once you’re done with the installation, you’ll barely have to give your solar panels a second thought. All you need to do is keep them clean; getting up on the roof and cleaning the panels just a handful of times a year is enough!

Plus, solar panels don’t move; they stay in place the entire time. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.

As a result, you probably won’t have to get many replacements or repairs done. The only exception is the inverter, which may need a replacement every five to 10 years. But this is pretty reasonable, considering it’s the part that’s always working to convert solar energy into usable energy for your home.

In addition, solar panels have a lifespan of around 25 years. So you won’t have to worry about another installation process for at least a few decades.

Building a Solar Home Can Save You Money

As you can see, building a solar home only comes with benefits. Not only is it now much more affordable than it was a decade ago, but solar panels also offer great cost-savings. Add in the fact that they can last for decades, and they’re definitely a worthwhile investment to make.

So if you’re starting a new build for your home and want to make it as best as possible, consider adding solar panels, especially if it’s within your budget to do so. They’ll instantly increase the value of your property and decrease your reliance on energy companies.

If you need help with solar home design plans, then get in touch with us now. We’ll even give you a free quote!