Feasibility Studies

Thinking about using alternative energy for your business, community, or project? Start with a thorough feasibility study to test the viability of your project.

Feasibility Studies

Haliburton Solar and Wind has proven resources to properly identify, accurately assess, and objectively evaluate the feasibility and profitability of renewable energy sites. Our value to our customers is a high degree of technological innovation, uniqueness, economic feasibility and benefit to the environment and society. We are able to undertake feasibility studies, strategic reviews and provide policy advice to individuals, community-based groups, businesses, local authorities and developers in Ontario.

What is it?

For example, a small business looking to offset their energy costs with solar, wind, or water power, might perform a feasibility study to determine if it should follow through with alternative energy. A feasibility study by Haliburton Solar and Wind takes into account material and labor costs, how disruptive the project would be to the business, public opinion, available grants, and laws that might have an effect on the expansion.

A feasibility study tests the viability of an idea, a project, or even a new business. These services primarily center on identifying, administrating, and coordinating the execution of the feasibility of project-related requirements through to successful completion.

Why Evaluate the Feasibility of moving your business to Alternative Energy?

Given the recent increasing public focus on climate change issues, there is a need for robust, sustainable and climate friendly power transmission and distribution systems that are intelligent, reliable, and green. Current power systems create environmental impacts as well as contributing to global warming due to their utilization of fossil fuels, especially coal, as carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. In contrast to fossil fuels, renewable energy is starting to be used for solving climate change or global warming problems.

Expert Advice

We bring a host of wind and solar tools and resources to assist our team with timely and objective studies. Contact us to get started.

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What does it include?

A feasibility study can help you see if it is possible to implement alternative energy choices for your business. It could help you take a step back and look objectively at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your proposed changes. Will your idea work? Is it a sound investment? Is your project viable or will it need a few changes before you invest time and money into it.

The report will provide a clear and concise assessment of your opportunity, from there you will be able to make an informed choice about how you choose to proceed.

Key benefits of our renewable energy feasibility studies service

  • Independent, unbiased and authoritative energy supply system study and an investigative energy efficiency survey
  • Technology-neutral investigation and report on the appropriateness and suitability of renewable energy.
  • Comprehensive findings and conclusions plus recommended solutions.

Technologies considered in renewable energy feasibility studies

As part of our study, we look into the viability of a wide range of renewable energy technologies for both new-build and existing buildings and sites. These include:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro

What our renewable energy feasibility studies service covers

We can help you with any stage in the process.
For each project, our feasibility study includes:

  • Description of the technology
  • Overview of the technical feasibility
  • Consultative services
  • Preliminary planning
  • A full site assessment
  • Identify permits
  • Identify reputable manufacturers
  • Detailed Reporting on findings
  • Includes feature sheet highlighting the financial returns of certain option(s)
  • Estimated cost of installation
  • Identifies any eligible grants and/or Financial incentives
  • Recommendations regarding the most suitable technologies
  • Recommendations on improvements to building energy efficiency
  • Next steps

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Available Grants

As part of Haliburton Solar and Wind’s feasibility studies we will research and assess possible grants available to your project. In most cases there are several hundreds of millions of project dollars available. Possible grants include:

Green Investment Fund

Ontario’s $325-million Green Investment Fund commits money to projects that fight climate change while growing the economy and creating jobs. These investments will help transform the way we live, move, work and adapt to our environment by building strong and sustainable communities.

GHG Challenge Fund

The Municipal GHG Challenge Fund is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan to fight climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy. The action plan and cap and trade program form the backbone of Ontario’s strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 15 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020, 37 per cent by 2030 and 80 per cent by 2050.

Funding for Feasibility Study

If you are in a rural community looking to asses the feasibility of solar, wind, or water your community may be able to  access funding for the feasibility of the project via the Federal Development Corporation (FedDev), and more specifically the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODP).

Building the business case for investment

We have excellent experience of helping organizations identify and quantify energy efficiency opportunities and then build the business case to secure the required investment and get the opportunities adopted:

  • Understanding what the decision makers are looking for
  • Obtaining forward estimates of energy prices
  • Identifying any additional benefits
  • Quantifying any implementation costs
  • Considering the financing
  • Raising and discussing any possible risks